18k Gold Vermeil Opal Necklace

Discover our minimalist and adorable choker-style necklace crafted with lab opal in gold over silver. Perfect for those who adore delicate, dainty jewelry, these pieces are tailored just for you.

The opal, symbolizing faithfulness and confidence, derives its name from the Latin opalus, meaning “precious jewel,” and the Greek opallios, meaning “to see a change in color.” Jewelry is deemed vermeil when the base metal is silver and heavily plated with gold (at least 100 microns).

Our lab-grown stones are indistinguishable from earth-mined stones but are available at a fraction of the price, making fine jewelry more accessible. Carbon Neutral employs a made-to-order production model to reduce waste and enhance sustainability.

 * Silver 925 heavy gold plated with 18k gold (AU 750) 
 * Size: 15 inches total length 
 * Elliptical shape 
 * High-quality Japanese lab opal 
 * Hypoallergenic and water-resistant jewelry 
 * Imported