Wedding Cards

Your wedding day wouldn't be the same without your best girls by your side. Ask them to be a part of your wedding with our I can't tie the knot without you bridesmaid proposal cards. Say thank you after the wedding with our personalized calligraphy note card sets or give them as a gift to someone special. No matter the occasion, a handwritten note beats a text any day. 

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards

Proposing to your bridesmaids and maid of honor is one of the most fun parts of getting married. Choose our classic rose gold bridesmaid proposal card or go custom with a personalized will you be my bridesmaid card that you can customize with your wedding colors. 

To make your bridesmaid proposal extra special, curate other bridesmaid gifts like our personalized tumblers, or makeup and tote bags. 

To My Bride or Groom on Our Wedding Day

Your wedding day can be overwhelming but writing letters to each other is a sweet way to take a quick pause from the craziness and share a moment, even if you're not in the same room. Our classic I can't wait to marry you card can be customized with your accent color of choice or show them you're keeping track with our I've loved you for so many days card.