Hi I’m Samantha, so nice to meet you and welcome to the The White Invite
Family! My husband Ethan Elder & I own a small brand based in North Carolina that offers personalized
handmade gifts. 
We're behind The White Invite, and started everything up in 2012! 

I started this business as a hobby out of our little duplex when my husband and I
first got married. I was literally only getting 1-2 sales a month, but after a bit things
really started to take off and we were hardly keeping items in stock (it blows my
mind to think about this!). Over the years I was able to quit my corporate job, hire
an entire team of girl bosses, and in 2019 my husband was also able to quit his
corporate job to join us. This business is a true blessing to me and my family!

My business may be a small business, but we have have over 100,000 happy
customers and are ranked in the top 1% of all Etsy stores!

I am so excited to offer you an amazing gift-giving experience, and I look forward
to making thoughtful gifting easy for you! I honestly can’t imagine a job that I
would love any more than this one. Thank you to my amazing customers that have
been supporting me since 2012!