About Us The White Invite

Hey I'm Samantha, I'm thrilled to welcome you to The White Invite Family! My husband Ethan and I run this wonderful business in the heart of North Carolina, where we whip up personalized handmade gifts that are as unique as you are.

I kickstarted The White Invite in our cozy little duplex back in 2012 as a fun hobby when Ethan and I just tied the knot. Believe it or not, I was scoring just 1-2 sales a month at first, but fast forward, and we're practically struggling to keep our goodies in stock (seriously, mind-blowing stuff!). Flash forward to now, I've bid farewell to my corporate gig, gathered a fantastic team of girl bosses, and in 2019, Ethan joined the party too.

Sure, we might be a small business, but we've got a whopping 300,000+ happy customers, and we're strutting in the top 1% of all Etsy stores – talk about a party! Get ready for an awesome gift-giving journey, because I'm pumped to make thoughtful gifting a breeze for you. This job? Oh, it's not a job, it's a passion! Massive shoutout to the amazing souls who've been rocking with me since 2012 – you're the real MVPs! 🎉✨

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