7 Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Improve Your Photos

May 11, 2021 2 min read

7 Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Improve Your Photos

Do you want to spoil your wedding party with the perfect bridal gifts? What if we told you that the gifts you choose could make your wedding photos look better? Let us help you make your wedding photos even more gorgeous and look like they were straight from a wedding blog - it's a win-win!

Matching Koozies for their Beverage of Choice

Why we love them: Are you or your 'maids a seltzer fan? These koozies are custom made for Truly and White claw lovers. Get them customized for a great photo-op and so that there are no drink mix-ups!

Personalized Brumate Skinny Can Cooler

personalized bridesmaids Brumate hopsulator coolers

Personalized Robes

Why we love them: Matching robes make for an extra special touch when you're all gathered together before the ceremony, and the occasion will be come extra photo-worthy! What's even better is the robes can be a part of a beautiful bridesmaid gift box set up that you gift them the day of.

Bridal & Bridesmaid Personalized Robes

personalized ruffle bridesmaid robes for wedding party

Laura Elizabeth Photo

Super Cute Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Why we love them: Your bridal party will love posing with these super cute heart shaped glasses. Wear them while you get ready, have your photographer stash them away for bridesmaid photos, and don't forget - to wear them on the dance floor!

Retro Heart Sunglasses

retro heart sunglasses for bridal party

Custom Hand Stamped Necklace

Why we love them: Get your bridal party something custom that they can wear each day even after the wedding. Super small and sparkly, we can't get enough of these, and they would look gorgeous for photos!

hand stamped personalized necklace for bridal party

Personalized Bridal Party Hangers

Why we love them: No doubt you've thought a lot about your wedding dress and bridesmaid dressses on your big day, but what about your wedding hangers? That's right - how you display your gown and bridesmaid dresses deserves just as much attention as the dress itself. Not only are these practical (you'll need to hang your dresses up to keep them winkle and stain-free) but it's a tiny detail that can actually make a huge difference when capturing your wedding photos.

Personalized Bridal Hangers

personalized bridal hanger for robes or wedding dress photos
The Hendrix Photo

Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Why we love them: Bring it all together and create a beautiful gift box. Not only is this a great way to put the gift together and make it look complete, but your photographer will be able to capture some wonderful photos of them opening the boxes!

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box

Personalized bridesmaid gift box for bridesmaid gifts

Personalized Bridal Party Tumblers

Okay we couldn't forget this one right?! It's our top selling bridal party gift, makes for the most perfect photos, AND you can use it even after the wedding and reception!

personalized skinny tumblers for wedding party