Mermazing Skinny Can Cooler - SWIG

We are loving this stainless steel SWIG skinny can cooler. Introducing the Mermazing print - it is personalized with the name of your choice. Perfect for keeping your skinny cans like Truly, White Claw, etc. cold! 

--- These are true genuine SWIG brand! ---

- Details -
- This listing is for 1 skinny can cooler

- Your choice of font color (colors may be seen in last product image)

- These are perfect for Michelob Ultra, Truly, White Claw, Corona Extra, Spiked Seltzer, Henry's, Starbuck's Refreshers, Heineken, Garden Party, etc.

- Vacuum Insulation - SWIG drinkware uses a double-walled vacuum sealed insulation technology, meaning the space between the stainless steel walls is void of matter. With no medium for heat to transfer, your drink's temperature will not be impacted by the temperature outside the container.